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Akustikk Recordings proudly presents Dennis Jr’s single “Multefunk” that is released today.

“Multefunk” basks in its intended spaciness, filled with exotic vocal hits, dubbed out sections, persuasive percussion, and an irresistibly sexy interplay between the bass line and the rhythm. The track is top notch suited for late night cruising or as memorable additions to the sets of ‘DJs in the know.’ Check it!

The Multefunk single contains the ‘dub’ and ‘instrumental’ version.

You can listen and buy it directly from the Akustikk ‘releases’ page,

or important digital stores like for example Itunes, Juno and Beatport.


”Multerfunk” slowburning funky cosmic disco sounds so complete. Eighties ”Balearic” guitar riffs, percussions and floating vocs can take you back, way back in time. Mad about this one.” Dj Nova,Rodon FM 95

“funky and unique stuff. sublime grooves and some changes… well done!” René Josquin, De:Bug Magazine

“It`s a modern machine funk with 80`s feeling” ALTZ, Altzmusica /Bear Funk / DFA

“Great release, the dub are great, will defo play both of them” Cosmo Vitelli, ‘I’m a Cliché’

“Multefunk is awesome, love the wonky dub” Monsieur Monod, Sleazy Beats Recordings

“Multefunk (dub) is the jam for me. Very experimental, and still as groovy as corduroy. Great production all around.” Iron Horse (Marc de Breyne), Pawn Shop Records / Obsessed Radio

“Multefunk is insane, love it. Full support from the Sleazy Beats Camp.” Monsieur Monod (MacGee), Westergasfabriek / SleazyBeats Blog

Best grooves,

Dennis Sandoo Jr. @

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