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Akustikk got a guest mix from DJ Klutter in London. The Slip’disko mix will give you some cosmic boogie and deep house vibes.

Please go to the ‘radioshows’ page on for listening.

For a link to Dj Klutter go to the links page.

If we are lucky Dj Klutter will also make a Akustikk Radioshow exclusive mix in the future.

Dj Klutters biography: ‘I’ve been dj’ing for 15+ years and have many influences. Hip hop was huge in the early 80s and electro spawned some timeless classics (check out my ‘Jam Electro’ mix for a flava). Through the mid to late 80s I moved into jazz, funk, soul and rare groove via labels such as Acid Jazz and Talkin Jazz (A’la Gilles Peterson). I was going to soul nights and listening to the likes of Loose Ends, Joyce Sims and Fat Larry’s Band. Then, one night around late ’88 I experienced house music…I think most people from that time remember their first ‘house’ experience, for me it was ‘OuterLimits’ run by Eddie Richards. By the early 90s the scene move underground and we went to wharehouse parties put on by Eddie Richards, Terry Francis and Nathan Coles under the name ‘Wiggle’.

Exposure to the music inspired me to get my own set up and it was around this time I got my first decks, I got 1210s in 2002 and have never looked back! These days I use both vinyl and cd format, which gives me more scope as vinyl is harder to find now! I’ve played out a few times over the years, mainly at parties and the odd club but nowhere near as much as I’d like, my dream would be to run my own night.

My tastes in music have changed over the years but I will always have a soft spot for house. My current tastes sway towards the soulful deep side of music, especially house and disco, fave labels include Freerange, Sonar Kollective, JCR, 20/20 vision and Tirk.’


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