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Oh yes, ‘Akustikk Records’ certainly knows how to deliver the phatest selection of top draw flair-groove nuggets, unearthing those rarer than rocking horse shit tracks from the vaults of today and yesteryear. Timeless, not to mention priceless, electronic, soul, funk and jazz excursions. A palatable treat to move your feet, liberate your body and free your mind is one easy lesson.

:: Akustikk radioshow 2.nov.07 Marius Wiik, DEEP SOUL mix

1. Lawrence – Pond 2. Sascha Dive – Deeeepest America (Samuel Davis perc mix) 3. Cant remember the name on this, sorry… 4. Trusme – WAR 5. Trusme – Dont you know 6. Marathon men – Sweet Exorcist 7. Ben Westbeach – Hang Around (Karizma Dub) 8. Glenn Underground – Jive assin 9. Paige Douglas – Intergalactic Lovesong 10. there was no number ten

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